What to know-Facebook Marketing For Local Businesses

With over 500 million users worldwide, and over 100 million users in the United
States alone, Facebook is by far the largest social community website. In fact, it
gets more monthly visitors than any other website on the planet except for

As you can see in the graph above (provided by Compete.com) Facebook is
getting more than 132 million unique visitors per month and their traffic has
grown by more than 45% in the last year alone.

Therefore, you might be wondering if your local business can really benefit from
Facebook and the resounding answer is YES!

Now, if you’re already familiar with Facebook, and odds are you are, you are
probably thinking that I am going to recommend that you create a “fan page” for
your business. While I’m certainly not against that, I’m going to expose you to a
different aspect of Facebook called “Facebook Ads,” which is Facebook’s
“performance” advertising system. Continue reading →

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Readers Interacting

You look at your blog almost every day. You write the articles, you picked/made the design, but how does the blog look and read to your visitors? People with different knowledge and different computers are accessing your web page, can anyone come to your website and understand the blog right away?

Can people understand your Writing?

A few months ago, I wrote a lesson plan/tutorial for an art class on using Photoshop. I had written lessons in that subject before, but this time I was faced with a far less tech-savvy crowd. One person, in particular, the teacher had a particularly hard time following my directions. The things I took for granted, like what the menu bar is, was suddenly pushed into the limelight because the teacher couldn’t figure out how to go to File >> New Document.

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