Makes them feel better

Makes them feel better

Readers love content which makes them better, and each piece of advice writing aims to contribute to that betterment in some way. What I want to ask is: what would happen if we reversed the process? What if we fast-forwarded to the point of perfection and worked backwards, drawing out each element that helped make a perfect whole?

The superhero is your niche’s ideal of perfection, and it should, as I’m going to argue, be the starting point of all your advice writing endeavors. Let me take a moment to explain what I mean by this.

Building them up

In any profession, in any hobby, in any sphere at all, it’s possible to imagine a person who has achieved perfection in that niche. Such a person — our superhero — would tick all the boxes in seven key areas.

  • Most skilled
  • Most knowledgeable
  • Most productive
  • Most efficient
  • Most innovative
  • Most organized
  • Most successful

Breaking them down

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What To Write About

Over the last week, I’ve had trouble delivering quality articles. I have ideas that have turned into half-baked articles, but nothing worth publishing yet. I wanted to publish guest blog articles on other sites, but since I can barely scrape up enough articles to publish on The Blog Beat, it looks like I’ll have to keep everything to myself for now.

So since I’m having trouble coming up with fresh material, I figured I’d answer my own problem. What do I write about when I’m lacking material to publish? So here is a list of tricks to get through tough creative times and create new material for readers. Continue reading →

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You might end up with WebSitesThatSuck

You might end up with WebSitesThatSuck

DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, is not an option most professionals can afford to exercise.  Just about anyone can afford DIY, monetarily speaking.  I don’t know of a businessperson who cannot come up with $49.95 a month to have a cookie cutter template with a few paragraphs relating to their business up and running in a few hours.

Unfortunately, most “site-builder websites” end up looking sh*%**y  Just because you can install Joomla or WordPress easily does not mean you know how to use it, as seen here.  These must be DIY attempts.  At least I hope they are.  No self-respecting designer would allow such incompetence. Or would they?

I’m not disparaging the capability of these companies to perform the services they are advertising, I am using them as an example of what can happen when DIY goes awry.

Let’s talk about cost…

What is your time worth?  I’m not talking about your potential salary/hours worked or your billable hours, I’m talking about your time.  Only you can answer that question, but I’m sure that your time is better spent running your business or being with family than it is messing around with a DIY site-builder. Continue reading →

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Use your Space wisely

In this series, I will be relaying some observations I have had during time spent somewhere we all must go, the grocery store.

They are presented in no particular order, but they will all relate to internet marketing and business in general.

I hope. Look at all that Jell-O.  What insight into internet marketing can someone gain by staring at all that gelatinous goodness?  Plenty, starting with “Use your Space wisely”.

A web page, when properly constructed, is like a newspaper.  Your best stuff should go “above the fold”; the viewer can see your main emphasis without scrolling down.  The next best stuff, of slightly less importance, is “below the fold” but still on the home (front) page.  Give your reader as much as you can while asking as little from them as possible.  If you have a mailing list opt-in form on your site, but it is 5 pages deep, you’ll get fewer subscribers than if your opt-in form was on every page of your site above the fold, much like mine is. Continue reading →

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Wyclef and Networking

Wyclef and Networking

The former singer of the band “The Fugees” has announced on CNN’s Larry King Live that he has decided to enter Haitian politics and run for president of the country. This may sit well with the Fas A Fas (“face-to-face”) youth movement, which Wyclef helped create; however, it does not sit well with some other members of the Haitian expat community.

Wyclef has called on this same ex-pat community, whom Mr. Jean has labeled “diaspora”, to rally to their homeland and rebuild the nation into something it should have been all along.

This is a highly admirable desire, and I applaud Wyclef Jean for his willingness to step up and give of his time, talents and treasures.  I cannot presume to know his mind or his heart, so I cannot speak to his motivations or his intellectual honesty when it comes to his desire to aid his native Haiti.  I can, however, ask some questions of the man who will now be referred to as “Haitian Presidential Hopeful Wyclef Jean”.  These are the same thoughts I would entertain when considering an American Presidential hopeful. Continue reading →

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What to know-Facebook Marketing For Local Businesses

With over 500 million users worldwide, and over 100 million users in the United
States alone, Facebook is by far the largest social community website. In fact, it
gets more monthly visitors than any other website on the planet except for

As you can see in the graph above (provided by Facebook is
getting more than 132 million unique visitors per month and their traffic has
grown by more than 45% in the last year alone.

Therefore, you might be wondering if your local business can really benefit from
Facebook and the resounding answer is YES!

Now, if you’re already familiar with Facebook, and odds are you are, you are
probably thinking that I am going to recommend that you create a “fan page” for
your business. While I’m certainly not against that, I’m going to expose you to a
different aspect of Facebook called “Facebook Ads,” which is Facebook’s
“performance” advertising system. Continue reading →

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Readers Interacting

You look at your blog almost every day. You write the articles, you picked/made the design, but how does the blog look and read to your visitors? People with different knowledge and different computers are accessing your web page, can anyone come to your website and understand the blog right away?

Can people understand your Writing?

A few months ago, I wrote a lesson plan/tutorial for an art class on using Photoshop. I had written lessons in that subject before, but this time I was faced with a far less tech-savvy crowd. One person, in particular, the teacher had a particularly hard time following my directions. The things I took for granted, like what the menu bar is, was suddenly pushed into the limelight because the teacher couldn’t figure out how to go to File >> New Document.

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