Looking For A Military Scholarship?

Military scholarships are the exemptions in college fees or any other assistance that can help deserving students coming from military families obtain financial benefits for education. The United States recognizes the contribution made by the military folks towards protecting the frontiers of the country. There are a number of government and non-government agencies and organizations that provide special educational scholarships for families of military men. Here are some of the most popular grants in the United States.

Fisher House Foundation Military Scholarship

The Fisher house Foundations managed Scholarships for Military Children Program and offers financial aid to children from military families through military commissaries. This is a program which has been largely funded by the suppliers and manufacturers of the products that are sold at the military commissaries. The military families are encouraged to use commissary benefits.

Purchasers can save 30 percent on products that are purchased. A huge part of the money collected through these sales goes towards military educational grants.  So, in a way, if you make a purchase from these companies, you are indirectly contributing towards the scholarships for the military children.  Fisher Foundation offers a scholarship of at least $1500 at every commissary that receives applications for the grant. This grant covers the lab fees, tuition fees, books and other materials cost. Watch out, though, for pitfalls when you look for a student loan if you have a bad credit score!

The Army ROTC Scholarships

The Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) military grant scholarship is open for high school students as well as those already in your first-year university. These grants are based only on merit and are open to children from military families all over the United States. ROTC offers scholarships for different periods such two, three and four years of education. The full tuition fee is sponsored. Students who qualify can opt for grants to cover living expenses if they choose to board in the facility provided by the college. The scholarship also covers additional allowances such as books.  Allowances to meet living expenses are offered on a monthly basis. During the first year, students can obtain $300 per month. In the second year, allowances increases to $350. In the third year, students are eligible for $450 and in the fourth year, an allowance of $500 is provided

Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program

Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program offers full tuition fees for higher education to students from the armed forces. The scholarship is open to members of army, navy, air force, National Guard, coast guard, marines and reserve forces, who wish to pursue studies during an off-duty period. Members who enroll in General Education Diploma and other certification courses, besides conventional college study, are also eligible for this scholarship. The money offered is not a loan, but a grant that is offered in recognition of service to the nation. Read also this post about choosing the right college.

The Montgomery G.I. Bill Plus the Army College Fund

The Montgomery GI Bill plus Army College Fund is open to all soldiers. The grant aids college education. The money granted is based on the period of service in the military and the position held while in the armed forces. A maximum scholarship of $72,900 is offered to cover all expenses related to college. The only stipulation is that after you complete your college education with the help of the grant, you need to repay $100 per month to the military during the first year of employment. This program gives soldiers the facility to merge the Army College Fund and Montgomery GI Bill and gain more financial benefits.

The Army Staff Sgt. Richard S. Eaton Jr., Scholarship

This scholarship has been launched in the memory of a brilliant counterintelligence special agent, Army Staff Sgt Richard S. Eaton. He was a Bronze Star recipient. He died in Iraq in 2003. In his memory, $1,000 is offered to students who enroll in a field of study related to national security studies, counterintelligence, alliance building and cultural understanding.

Other Universities Offering Scholarships for Military Service

There are many other universities throughout the United States of America that offer special fee waivers and scholarships to students from military families.  In the lead are Michigan State University, the University of Idaho, and Grantham University. They provide special privileges to the veterans who enroll in these colleges.  These military scholarship grants are a small gesture to recognize and honor people who have courageously served the country and work towards the interest of their countrymen. For this reason, the selection criteria are not very stringent for military scholarships. If you’re not successful in your scholarship application, read this “BLEH” post.