In Which Sam Curses Herself. Again

Remember how I said I was getting bored of the summer break? Yeah, well now that the start of the semester is just under two weeks away, I’m thinking I could do with a bit longer! Always the way, isn’t it? Nevermind, I shall live. I have two weeks to cram in stuff I’m less able to do during the semester. And two weeks to prepare myself for being the World’s Greatest Time Manager and the World’s Most Organised Student (ha!).

One thing I learned from my first semester and going through exams is that it is imperative my study notes are all organized throughout the semester and that I methodically work through all the material so that there is as little cramming as possible at the end of it. The worst is feeling bogged down by loads of information that’s barely making sense.

The other thing I learned was not to set myself too many tasks to do in a short space of time. I am notorious for having giant to-do lists and a ridiculous amount of time to complete it all in; it’s often just not possible to accomplish it all. Unless I suddenly turned into Super Woman or something. Doing this only ends in irritation because I become cross with myself for not completing everything.

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Looking For A Military Scholarship?

Military scholarships are the exemptions in college fees or any other assistance that can help deserving students coming from military families obtain financial benefits for education. The United States recognizes the contribution made by the military folks towards protecting the frontiers of the country. There are a number of government and non-government agencies and organizations that provide special educational scholarships for families of military men. Here are some of the most popular grants in the United States.

Fisher House Foundation Military Scholarship

The Fisher house Foundations managed Scholarships for Military Children Program and offers financial aid to children from military families through military commissaries. This is a program which has been largely funded by the suppliers and manufacturers of the products that are sold at the military commissaries. The military families are encouraged to use commissary benefits.

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Choosing the Right College

So Many Options

The availability of so many options when it comes to distance learning can be rather overwhelming, especially for one who wants to make the most out of the whole online education experience. Narrowing your options down to a handful may not seem worthy of all the work, but your future self will definitely thank you for taking the time to do some research for your education. Choosing the right college, then, boils down to your objectives and how you intend to achieve these objectives. Take also a good look at this very informative Forbes video:

Establish Goals and Objectives

This basically means asking yourself “Why do I want to go to college via distance learning?” and “What do I intend to get out of this experience?” Be honest with yourself. The goals and objectives you establish at this point will help you make the right choices later on.

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Should You Go To The Same College as Your Friends?

I still remember getting my first acceptance letter from the first school I had applied to. My mom did the honors of reading the letter. The sound of her voice plays back in my head every time I think about it, “Congratulations! You have been accepted to Saint Mary’s College of California.”

My parents were thrilled, that all these online programs helped me to get to the college, I was proud myself and my parents started to Tango in the living room, which was both embarrassing and awkward to watch even though no one else was around. I was pretty happy that a small, private liberal arts college near home had accepted me.

However, I wasn’t very excited about the fact that none of my friends had applied to (much less heard) of Saint Mary’s. I was scared that we would all go our separate ways and barely stay in contact.

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What a Bleh Day. Is Bleh a word?

I’ve been having a rough few days.. And by rough, I mean…stupid little things bother me way too easily and I shouldn’t be complaining when other people have REAL issues to deal with. But writing about it all helps, regardless of how trivial my problems are. Welcome to my pity party!

I’m super stressed out over what’s going on with the house. Our buyers need an extension for their mortgage and at this point, nothing is in our control. I don’t like that feeling. In fact, we are so used to hearing everything is fine because “no news is good news” (what a crock of shit) and then finding the exact opposite weeks later that we aren’t even sure the sale will go through at this point.

The stress it is causing me is making me impatient and I’m finding myself getting short with my kids when nothing going on is their fault. I’m getting daily headaches from it all too. Mommy+headache= mommy who wants to be left the f*** alone but as a SAHM, being alone is only a fantasy.

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Pitfalls to Watch For When Seeking Student Loans for Bad Credit

Now suppose: you want to return to school but you have less than stellar credit. Its been a while since you were in school and you are wondering if there are really student loans for bad credit available. The answer is yes, as long as you know where to look.

Student Loans for Bad Credit – Federal Student Loans

Federal student loans are probably the most commonly utilized student loans for bad credit because to obtain them a person’s credit is not an issue at all. Federal student loans are completely needs-based, so as long as you meet the standard income guidelines the fact that you may have bad credit will not affect your ability to get the money you need to pay for college at all.

Some people are under the misguided impression that federal student loans are not available to adult students. That is far from the case. Whatever age you are you can get these kinds of student loans for people with bad credit so that means its never too late to return to school!

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How to Set Your Priorities

Yes my dear students, even before writing your first blog post, you must keep priorities straight. Monetization can’t be the number one priority even if that’s what you are looking to achieve. While your visitors aren’t directly buying a product from your site, the model of buying and selling a product can be applied to blogging.

Let’s take a closer look at a few crucial priorities that you need to bear in mind. These four priorities are Content, Design, RRS and Bookmarks, and Traffic Sources.

1. Content
Content is essentially the product you are selling and should be the number one priority. You want to provide a quality experience that leaves a reader satisfied. Whether this is humor, knowledge or gossip is all a question of what product you are “selling”. If your viewers aren’t satisfied with the content you are giving them, they will likely leave and not come back.

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Why Asking "WHY" is the Most Important Question

Why do you do the work you do? Why do you help others? Why? We all know WHAT we do and HOW we do it. Think about your job. You work for a living most likely (this is the WHAT). You go to work every day and do your job (the HOW).

The Typical Why: You most likely do it for the money you earn to support yourself and/or your family, improve your lifestyle etc.

The question is, is this the real WHY you want to embody?

Apple doesn’t make products to just make money. There are many other products that do what they do. They have a greater mission. Apple changes the way we interact with technology. They have a desire to break free of the status quo. To do big stuff….quite simply, they want to influence the world in a great way.

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Master the Meme Market

The Internet trades is cute and funny, and its main currency is memes. While we have all heard the word, it’s not always easy to understand, especially because the “it” memes of the moment are changing all the time.

To help you become an animals-on-the-Web expert, we gathered the “furriest” memes right now and even have some tips on how to use them properly. Soon you will be on your way to becoming a meme master, impressing your online friends and winning new admirers wherever you go.

Grumpy Cat

About: Hopefully you recognize Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat. She is the Internet’s favorite cat … for now. Her quick rise to popularity is thanks to the permanent expression of displeasure on her face. Harnessing this unhappiness, Web users quickly turned pictures of Grumpy Cat into a vehicle to express their distaste for pleasant things.

How To Use: Find the one thing that everyone loves that you can’t handle, and use this meme to express your defiance against the norm. Use the word “good” and Grumpy Cat’s sour puss to fight against the majority in a fuzzy way.

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How to deal with unsolicited advice (including this one)

I’ve been trying to reach a friend that has a six-month baby. It was impossible to find her on the phone, on skype but finally, she succumbed to my pleas of hearing from her on the infamous Facebook (it’s true it connects friends, after all, I like it to find fun articles).

She then admitted that she was kind of hiding. She doesn’t know how to deal with all the advice people give to her about raising her baby. And you probably know this too: people give too much advice on raising children.

I don’t know how it works where you come from, but here in Miami and in most Latin cultures, it’s super common that people don’t only give unwanted advice all the time, they check on you to see if you are doing what they told you. Isn’t that insane?

No wonder my friend came up with this effective strategy of shutting everyone off for a while. Maybe that’s an advice for everyone to take: hide from people so you don´t need to hear what they have to say about your parenting.

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