About My website

EraHi there, I started this blog with the idea of sharing my thoughts about college, learning and life. I meant to write regularly but I life is so busy please forgive me if you will not hear from me for some time.

From time-to-time I write a review or suggest a product to check out, but that is only because I actually use what ever it is I’m suggesting, and I think you could also benefit from using it.

I’ll add and revise this page from time to time, so check back if you’d like. For now, please subscribe to my feed at the right of this page at the top and keep reading. I’ll do my best to deliver on my promise to help you grow.

Above all these, I am a one tough cookie, an optimist, survivor, novice blogger and wedding  designer, and a dreamer. I hope you like my blog, and come join my journey — Living life to the fullest one day at a time!


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