Short attention span

Face it, people don’t want to spend all day sorting through your articles to find the information they want. They want to find information and they want it fast. So how do you provide your viewer with the most A.D.D. friendly environment? Think about them as pupils at school. 

I present here a list of ideas to keep in mind when designing a website and writing an article. These ideas originate from print media as they were the original pioneers in this area. I encourage you to reference and seek ideas from newspapers and magazines when you create the layout of a blog and individual articles.

  1. Lists A list is a great ways for a reader to skim around an article without consequences of getting lost after skipping previous bullet points. If a reader can start reading the middle of an a22q11article and obtain information as if they had started reading from the beginning, then you have truly made your article A.D.D. friendly.
  2. Images An image or diagram can provide instant gratification to a reader. An image can intrigue a reader into the information and summarize the content as well. A picture can draw your reader into an article better than monotonous black text can.
  3. Bold Headers Bold Headers break up parts of an article and summarize the information following. Headers also represent a hierarchical structure in your article making it easier to move around the article without getting lost.
  4. Quotes A quote has a similar effect to an image. If the quote is juicy and meaningful, readers will be drawn in to the article.
  5. Whitespace Nothing distracts me more as a reader than an article or a website that lacks whitespace and spacing. If a website or article lacks whitespace most readers won’t bother reading the article.
  6. Video Video is another way to entertain a viewer. In many cases, video can provide better and quicker ways of conveying information.

Posted by Jessica Martin