Pillars of Marketing

All Marketing and Promotion on the web is built on one of three pillars: Special Interests, Insider Interests and Trading Goods. These pillars are the foundation of any great marketing campaign on the web. In this article, we’ll cover the meaning of each pillar and how to use each to get more traffic.

Special Interests

Connections, Click, Strings, Family, School. These are all words that come to mind when thinking of special interests. Special Interests are (for the most part) free and easys way to push large amounts of traffic to your blog, regardless of how good that content is.

The key is to realize and leverage all the resources you have into new content for your established reader base.
You can read more on this subject in Grab Your Opportunity.

Become An Insider

Unless your blogging in an open range with no competitors (in which case there could be non-blog competitors), there is usually a pecking order of some kind.

You start in on the bottom floor, hoping to work your way up the ladder of prestige. You can’t expect to get great press and links from the top blogs right away. You need to work yourself up the ladder using each friend you build along the way to boost traffic and reputation.

Your job is to find friends, build trust, and help each other to achieve each others goals. Once you’re establish a good friendship, you’ll be reading each others blog, linking to each articles.

Trade Goods

In a perfect society, this pillar would be the only pillar of marketing, but it is simply not the case. We are constantly bombarded with special interests instead of trade goods and that is a result of media control. What does trade goods mean?

You provide a service whether that be a great article or funny video or even money, and based on informational value, funniness or even dollar worth is what you receive in return.

The good you trade must be great, because you are at the mercy of others who are pushing their own special interests.
I would say the toughest pillar to work from is Trade Goods, but clearly it is tough also to have connections and resources.

By working under the two latter pillars, you can start to create your own resources and you become the best promotion tool in your arsenal.

So how can You use these three pillars for your blog?
Take a hard look at the resources you have, and try to find ways to use to traffic you already have and divert them to other articles, sites and projects. Besides building a more compelling argument as to why your site is a resource people need, you will drive people to more media.

Befriend bloggers and figure out ways to promote each others brands and share visitors. Lastly, try to convince other media providers in your subject area why the content you offer is so good and why they should link and talk about you.

The Blog Beat will have more on these three pillars to come in later articles.

Posted by Jessica Martin