Master the Meme Market

The Internet trades is cute and funny, and its main currency is memes. While we have all heard the word, it’s not always easy to understand, especially because the “it” memes of the moment are changing all the time.

To help you become an animals-on-the-Web expert, we gathered the “furriest” memes right now and even have some tips on how to use them properly. Soon you will be on your way to becoming a meme master, impressing your online friends and winning new admirers wherever you go.

Grumpy Cat

About: Hopefully you recognize Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat. She is the Internet’s favorite cat … for now. Her quick rise to popularity is thanks to the permanent expression of displeasure on her face. Harnessing this unhappiness, Web users quickly turned pictures of Grumpy Cat into a vehicle to express their distaste for pleasant things.

How To Use: Find the one thing that everyone loves that you can’t handle, and use this meme to express your defiance against the norm. Use the word “good” and Grumpy Cat’s sour puss to fight against the majority in a fuzzy way.

Cat and Dog Beards

About: Cat/dog beards are photo trends that involve positioning your face with your pet’s furry mug so that the animal is looking up to create the illusion of an adorable beard on your person. The fad started off with cats back in 2012 and has experienced a recent resurgence as dogs started to join the fun.

How To Use: If you find yourself with some extra time and a camera, work on getting your pet in the right pose. Creating some kind of distraction above your head could help you achieve the beard look a little easier. Once you capture the photo and fake facial hair you want, proudly show off your cat/dog beard to all your friends.

First World Dog Problems

About: First world dog problems are an off-shoot of the larger “first-world problems” meme that pokes fun at the everyday complaints of the privileged, which seem ridiculous in comparison to the planet’s problems as a whole. Now that canines are involved, the meme focuses on all the quirky things that dogs do that both annoy and amuse us.

How To Use: What are your pet peeves about your dog’s behavior? Ever feel like your pup is the one controlling you and not the other way around? Reduce these feelings into one humorous line from your dog’s perspective, and you’ll have a great first world dog problem.

Chemistry Cat

About: Chemistry cat was first brewed up on the in 2011. The meme consists of the same photo of a cat wearing a bowtie and glasses, sitting among chemistry equipment.

How To Use: This is a meme that relies on puns. The most successful Chemistry Cat memes create jokes using elements from the periodic table or science laws. This is the time to use all those corny jokes you learned in high-school science class.

Confession Bear

About: Confession Bear is a nature photo turned meme giant. The picture was picked up by a Reddit user to get a secret off his chest. Since then, other Web-savvy folks have been using the bear to reveal their secrets anonymously. Confession Bear recently received national attention when someone used the meme to confess to a murder.

How To Use: Take that one secret that has been eating away at your conscience or that personal quirk that you are too nervous to tell friends, and use Confession Bear to share it with the world. All you need to do is shorten your confession to two short lines and send it out. Feel the guilt lift off you instantly.

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing

About: Dogs and cats always like to get their noses in our human business, and someone was smart enough to turn it into Internet gold. This meme shows pets posed doing human activities and is almost always accompanied with the caption, “I have no idea what I am doing.”

How To Use: This meme doesn’t take too much thinking. It’s all about capturing your pet in the right moment. If you see your cat and dog trying to do something human (reading, writing, using a shopping cart) snap a pick and then just add the meme’s signature text.

Business Cat

About: Business Cat is a meme created from a photo of a cat in a tie that was posted to a Web forum in 2011. The meme has experienced continued popularity for the past two years, taking common office sayings and adding a feline twist.

How To Use: Take all the cliched things your boss would say to boost morale or try to make things more efficient, and then add a follow-up line that would be an appropriate feline reaction to that saying.

Hipster Dog

About: The Internet made the much-maligned hipster a little more likable with this meme. Hipster Dog centers around one photo of an adorable white dog wearing large-frame glasses and a scarf (a classic hipster look). Users add their own text including a dog humor spin on hipster stereotypes.

How To Use: Much like Business Cat, this meme revolves around phrases with an animal twist. In this case, you take the slightly snobbish remarks about music and culture associated with hipsters and turn their focus to dog toys and activities.

Socially Awkward Penguin

About: Socially Awkward Penguin is part of the ever-expanding advice animal meme category. This meme in particular features a penguin with no social skills or self-confidence He is constantly becoming involved in a series of uncomfortable life situations that most of us can relate to at one time or another.

How To Use: Take that social interaction that you approached with good intentions but turned into an awkward mess. If you look back at that moment and cringe with embarrassment, then it is probably ideal for this meme.

Horse Head Mask

About: Horse Head Mask has become a symbol for anonymity and humor around the Internet. It’s basically the crazy uncle of the Guy Fawkes mask. The idea of wearing this particular mask first showed up in a travel book, but was quickly embraced by Internet culture becoming a phenomenon from there.

How To Use: First you will need the correct horse head mask in your possession. After this important step, you just need to find the right time when an added dose of anonymous weirdness would be funny and likely to be seen by several people.

Posted by Jessica Martin