Get ready before the launch

The launch of a blog or site is a very important time in the life of a site. You want to start off with a bang. You want to make sure everything runs smoothly and with as little pressure on your part as possible. If you have at least 10 posts under your belt, when you make your site live, you can manage each move like a chess game.

Of course, don’t release all 10 posts at once. Release around four or five to begin with, then continue to release a new article throughout the next two or three weeks. You want to micromanage every move you make, and getting the writing part out will be one less distraction. After you get your bearings and launch the site, hopefully your readers and fans will help promote your site and promotion will impart take care of itself.


  • Spend Your Time Elsewhere
    You don’t want to worry about writing posts in the early days. You’ll be busy enough promoting, interacting with visitors and dealing with launch bugs to brainstorm and write.
  • Writer’s Block
    10 posts is a good bar to set when evaluating your ability to continue to create more content for the site. If you struggle to get to four or five posts how can you expect to continue to create articles month after month? If you can create 10 quality posts in a short amount of time, you most likely have the writing skills and knowledge to carry your blog for months and years.
  • Create an Identity
    Your identity is your writing and if you writing is off-topic and meaningless, you readers will not be repeat readers. Not only is establishing an identity in your writing important for you to continue to create new content, but your readers need to depend on consistency in the content.
  • Quality Assurance
    You want to let some of you articles sit for a while. Why? Allowing time to lapse between writing and publishing the article will allow you to almost take another perspective on what you wrote. Besides editing what you wrote, your perspective might change, you might have more ideas to expand your article upon. Your articles will be better developed when you publish them.
  • Sticky Posts
    On first glance, visitors will think there is not that much content to offer, but if you link to other posts (making your articles “sticky”), your visitors will be immersed in all the content. A regular visitor will at most read three or four articles anyway so it really doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 5 articles on your website at that time.

Posted by Jessica Martin


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