Because I Said So

I had an interview yesterday, and I made the second interview. A few hours beforehand I was sitting in my flat with butterflies doing all kinds of gymnastics in my stomach. I knew it was a big deal. I was being interviewed for the largest marketing agency in US. When I read that, it certainly messed with my head slightly.

And I was expecting some hot-shot interviewers, who would intimidate me and expect me to know everything about marketing. And I expected them to shoot me down when I got something wrong. And I expected them to disregard my ideas, because what they say goes. Because they said so.

But you know what? I had the most fun I’ve had all week. I’ve never laughed so hard with people I’ve never met before. Firstly, I tripped over before I entered the actual interview room. That certainly broke the ice. I sat for about 20 seconds trying to think of the word “conniving” before I completely gave up. I made up a brand new word which sounded like “benefited”, and got away with it.

I talked for a good hour about social media, before I realized that the interview was only meant to last 30 minutes. I answered the question, “If you were a brand, what brand would you be?” off the cuff, and started rambling like an idiot. But they smiled and nodded. And I asked them challenging questions about their job. And it sounds amazing. Because they said so.

As I left the room, I shook their hands, and asked them when I would hear back. “It’s a quick turnaround” they said. “A couple of days” they said. Two hours later and they were on the phone. Oh damn, they really must have thought I was rubbish if their decision was that quick. But no. They said I was a strong candidate, and that they really enjoyed meeting with me. Would I like a second interview? Erm, yes please. Monday, 3 pm. I have to give a presentation about increasing their social media user numbers. And then I have to go and meet everyone in the office. And I know I’m in with a good chance. Because they said so.

And after all of the complaining I’ve done on this blog about job hunting, I’m finally feeling good enough. Because the biggest marketing agency in Europe have said I’m a strong candidate. They said I gave excellent answers. So maybe I do have a chance. And I’m going to go in there, all guns blazing, because I know what I’m talking about. And they’re going to give me this job. Because I said so.


Posted by Jessica Martin